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Journey to Madrid, Toledo, Granada, and Seville as you explore the Golden Age of Spain, the Inquisition, and the beauty of Spanish culture. Includes a memorable Shabbat on the Rock of Gibraltar!

Israel Journey - Spain combines a week of touring in Spain's Andalusian region followed by a three-week journey in Israel.

Spain & Gibraltar

Spend the first week exploring Spains southern Andalusia region. Walk in the footsteps of Sephardic Jewish history, climb the Rock of Gibraltar, tour the stunning Al-Hambra Palace in Grenada, explore colorful Seville, and soak up the sun of the Spans Mediterranean Costa del Sol beaches. Step back in time, and learn about a unique period in history when Jews, Christians, and Muslims coexisted harmoniously during the Golden Age of Spain; and then trace the tragedy that followed during the Spanish Inquisition. Our time on the Iberian peninsula culminates with a unique Shabbat hosted by the Jewish community of Gibraltar before re-boarding our plane bound for Israel

Onwards to Israel

Arrive in Israel and set off on a three-week cross-country experience from the Golan Heights in the north to the tropical Red Sea in the far southand everything in between. Along the way, we walk in the footsteps of Jewish history, experience the vibrancy of modern Israeli culture, and connect with Israels colorful society.

The program includes visits to all of Israels most important sites ancient Jerusalem, contemporary Tel Aviv, the Galilee, the Negev Desert. the Dead Sea and the heights of Masada. We also make time to experience Israels off-the-beaten-path charm -- enjoying a bonfire on the beach, taking part in an active archeological dig, sampling unique Middle Eastern cuisine, and participating in the re-birth of Israel by planting a tree in a new forest.

The Israel Journey experience is more than just a tour. It is also about discovering the meaning of contemporary Zionism, exploring our Jewish identity from an Israeli point of view, delving into the intricacies of Middle Eastern politics, and connecting to our Jewish soul through a series of meaningful community service and spiritual experiences. Join us on the journey.

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