On this program, we invite high school students around the world to help us record stories and perspectives on today’s global challenges, both within and across borders. As a remote team, we’ll work to collect ideas that give a worldwide look at what we can learn from the current moment, and where it might take us next.

What role will nations and cities play in the years ahead?

As global pandemics, climate change, and mass migration flows span the earth, the established notion of boundaries and nationality comes into question. The way we respond to these collective challenges will shape our future. For some national leaders this means reinforcing borders and protecting their own; for others it means reaching beyond borders to promote cooperation. Meanwhile, people everywhere - scientists and engineers, activists and artists, community volunteers and local governments - are organizing their own ways to address major global issues, regardless of the borders between them.

Collaborative Project

Students, experts, and organizers will work together on what we’re initially calling the “borders project.” All participants will help name and frame the final project, and the entire team will work to collect and organize quotes, audio, and images from everyone involved. The final result will be a digital repository of insights and ideas about the future of borders.

All participants in this virtual summer project who complete their final project submission will be listed as co-creators on the website. In lieu of course credit, this collaborative project will represent the inspirations and commitment everyone will put into the program. All students who submit will receive recognition for their contributions on the site and a certificate of completion, and may request more detailed reference letters if needed.

Program Structure & Registration

This program is intended for high school students anywhere in the world. It will operate asynchronously so that all time zones can participate, with optional office hours for students to meet with project facilitators, speak to experts, interview different stakeholders, and/or connect in small teams. Students may participate using a computer or smartphone.

After the official program closing, our team will compile final submissions, curate the public project according to student votes, and follow up with the group when it goes live. Students will then be able to share their work with advisers, college recruiters, teachers, family, friends, or anyone else they’d like!

We are looking for students from any country who are ready to commit a portion of their time to considering the future of borders. Registration is open from now until July 12, and the course is open to all who are able to participate.

Participants will be able to join the program via the internet using a laptop or smartphone. The content will be scattered across a variety of platforms. Once you enroll, you will be given access to register for specific events and access course materials. Your registration will also allow you to submit your contribution to the final project.

Interested applicants may request more information and register using the form on the Atlas website.

Cost and Session Information

The program is one week long, Monday through Friday, July 13-17. Timing will be flexible, but we expect an average of 1-2 hours of work per day minimum, or much more time if you prefer. Students will be able to register for specific discussions or speakers and get interim feedback on their progress throughout the week. We will spend most of our time collecting, analyzing, and sharing insights. Then we’ll bring those insights together and prepare to publish them for a wider audience.

The program fee is $50 which covers access to all content and as many virtual meetings and lectures as you care to join. This fee covers the costs of operating the program, and our goal is to keep the cost as low as possible to remove any barriers of participation.

If you would like to participate but find this fee prohibitive, please register with a financial aid request.

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Participant Reviews

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