Discover this beautiful island nation, steeped in color and passion, and largely untouched for over 60 years. Become part of a Cuban community as you work alongside locals on projects that will impact them for years to come.

Cuba values ingenuity. Leaving very little to waste, Cubans use tin cans as hub caps, turn bicycles into motorbikes, and retrofit washing machine motors for lawnmowers. Unfortunately, their superior ingenuity cannot create medical supplies, and despite Cuba’s Universal Health Care System and emphasis on high-level medical training for some of the best doctors in Latin America, Cubans still rarely have access to the medication and supplies they need, from simple supplies of ibuprofen to life-saving antibiotics. Equipped with basic medications and supplies, we’ll hand-deliver ibuprofen, antibacterial soap, vitamins, shoes, and more to families and clinics in need. We’ll see the public service sector first hand working at a group home for disabled youth. Here, we’ll donate supplies they desperately need and create healthier living conditions for the resident patients.

Offer service and supplies to a group home for children with disabilities in the community of Matanzas, then use a little Cuban ingenuity to turn waste plastic into park benches in Varadero. Snorkel in the blue-green Caribbean waters at the infamous Bay of Pigs, catching a new perspective on a place so steeped in history. Walk out of your local, family-run “casa particular” directly onto one of Cuba’s most beautiful beaches in Varadero, and learn to salsa dance on hot Cuban nights. Reflect on your history and Cuba’s in Havana: a city that exemplifies the past, present, and future of this thriving Caribbean island.

There is no language requirement for this program. If you speak Spanish you will have plenty of opportunities to use it, but your trip leaders and local guides will speak both Spanish and English and can help translate for you any time.

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