Soak in the untouched nature of Northern Sumatra and the unique culture of Bali as we explore two of the most beautiful and interesting areas in the world. Explore and immerse yourself the culture of these two islnds, the Island of Gold and the Island of Gods.

We begin our exploration of the Indonesia Isles with a west coast departure and a long trek across the Pacific. Upon landing in Medan, the capital of Sumatra, we take a little time to adjust to new time zones and a new culture.

Once rested, we meet with the scientists supporting The Orangutan Project and explore the site of the future “Orangutan Haven,” a cage-less sanctuary for permanently incapacitated orangutans that can never be released into the wild due to illness and disabilities. Through our orientation with The Orangutan Project we gain an understanding of the plight that faces the Sumatran Orangutan and becomes a foundation of our service work in support of this endangered primate.

Trekking in Search of Orangutans

Leaving the congested capital we travel through the Sumatran countryside and the beautiful landscape that makes up one of the most diverse ecosystems in the entire world. We meet with our trekking partners, Rangers from the Taman Nasional Gunung Leuser, to learn about the protected rainforest that is home to one of the last populations of wild orangutans. With our new knowledge, we and the rangers embark on a unique journey, two days of trekking through the rain forest in search of wild orangutans. As the orangutan population moves throughout the jungle, we rely on the rangers to help track and discover these amazing creatures. If we’re lucky, they will accept us and might even approach us. Our trek finishes with a float down the beautiful Bohorok river back to civilization.

Orangutan Habitat Restoration Project

After learning about the plight of the orangutans and witnessing them in their natural habitat we travel to the rural town of Halaban to work on a project vital to the survival of the Sumatran Orangutan and countless other endangered species. Working with our Orangutan NGO partners we help convert illegal palm oil plantations into suitable habitat for Orangutans through our “Orangutan Habitat Restoration Project.” By collecting and planting wild seedlings, working in the tree nursery, checking camera traps, and planting hundreds of native trees we are helping to ensure the survival of the Sumatran Orangutan.

“Island of Gods” & East Bali Service

Bidding farewell to our new Sumatran friends, we catch an early flight for the world-famous island of Bali. Upon arriving in Bali we are met by our non-profit partners who work in Northeast Bali, one of the poorest communities in all of Southeast Asia. With the average income for families in East Bali at just a dollar a day, our service has an immense impact on the community. We work with the local Balinese to build the community’s first sports field where we can challenge our new friends to a game of soccer, and make much-needed improvements to village infrastructure.

Ubud Exploration & Surfing

Saying goodbye to our East Bali community we head to the religious center of Bali, the famous community of Ubud. We explore the fascinating temples, religious monuments, and colorful street markets while walking the quaint cobble-stoned roads of this unique and vibrant city.

We leave the pulse of Ubud and head to the rhythmic waves of one of the world’s most famous surf spots in southern Bali. With waves appropriate for every level of surfer, the “dream” breaks of Bali are some of the most famous in the entire world. As our trip comes to an end, we enjoy the waves, sunshine, and each other’s company as we reflect on our Indonesian adventure. Enjoying our last days together with a sunset at Uluwatu Temple, we end the adventure with a spectacular final feast of Indonesian specialties, and lasting memories of this amazing nation.

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