Ready to build your college portfolio, learn something new, or explore an area in communication that you’ve never had an opportunity to before? American University Discover the World of Communication pre-college program also has an online component. Taking the skills and instruction you need right to your computer...wherever you are!

Learn how to communicate internationally, become a stronger news writer and reporter, write a screenplay, short powerful flash fiction stories, create your own podcast, produce a short film, take powerful photos and learn what makes a film good, bad or just plain ugly.

The online DWC world is yours with hands-on learning and an opportunity to explore the world of communication wherever you are in the world!

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International Communication

We are in a 24/7 world. And with that comes the art of communication. Whether you are a company, a media outlet, a foreign government or a non-governmental agency (NGO), learning how to communicate and articulate your message is crucial. This class will help you understand the importance of recognizing differences around the globe and how to communicate effectively.

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly Films 

Are there really good, bad and downright ugly films? The American Film Institute has a top 100 films list which would mean that yes there are some good films out there. However everyone has their own opinion and someone’s favorite film might be a trash film to someone else. Together we will find out what truly makes a good film, a bad film and maybe even an “it is so bad it is a good film”!

Visual Literacy in Action 

Learn the basics of visual design and put the concepts into action through the creation of a photo essay, lumiere style film, painting to life video, video mashup, self portrait video, random generated word visual and more.  

Scriptwriting and Video Production

Writer. Producer. Cinematographer. Director and Editor. You get to do it all in this course. Write an original short script. Produce a video, including shooting, sound recording and nonlinear editing. Learn the basics of proper film composition, lighting and the entire process from pre to post production. Use a variety of free online resources to assist in the editing of your film.

Screenwriting: Hollywood Three-Act Structure

Write a short-form narrative film screenplay using the standard three-act Hollywood movie structure. Transform a story idea into eye-grabbing log lines, thirty-second elevator pitches and a short professionally structured screenplay with snappy dialogue, distinct character profiles and strong visual scenes. Top screenplay from Online Summer 2020 will be made into a film during DWC Summer 2020 in Washington D.C. (with permission from the student screenwriter). This class is taught synchronously.

Professional Newswriting and Reporting

Learn to write like the pros! Each of the seven modules will introduce professional skills and build off of the previous lessons. The course will culminate with an investigative news story from each student that is worthy of publication on a professional news site. Students will also learn tips and tricks from professional journalists who will join our sessions. Join us for a fun and exciting workshop that will provide you with a resume-worthy news article.

Professional Video Storytelling

Turn your creative storytelling ideas into professional looking videos! Students will learn to combine video, audio and words to tell compelling stories. The seven modules will introduce students to professional practices when it comes to communicating a message through video. In addition to the skills covered in the workshop, students will also hear from professional journalists who will join our sessions. By the end of the sessions, each student will create a short, resume-worthy video.

Podcasting 101

Learn techniques of great podcasting from award-winning professionals while also learning how to make the most of this versatile medium and conduct artful interviews. The result of this dynamic virtual interactive experience? Your own pilot episode of a podcast navigating a topic of your own choosing.

Flash Fiction Writing

Learn to write vibrant, concise stories in this virtual interactive course. Explore the genre of flash fiction and tap into your creativity through free-writing exercises. Polish your work through effective word choice, self-editing, and strengthen the emotional core of your story. Meet and interview published Flash Fiction Writers. We’ll workshop and critique your final pieces in class.

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