The Modern Europe program is designed for students interested in international relations, globalization and the global economy, European politics, journalism and debate. Over the course of the three-week program, you will examine major developments in European history from World War II to the fall of the Berlin Wall.

All students are enrolled in the Modern European History course and choose one elective as their specialty focus.

International Relations and Current World Affairs (elective) Increased interdependence between nations, coupled with advances in technology, has foreverchanged the nature of media coverage. In an age when information can be accessed instantaneously,it is more important than ever for the global citizen to learn how to develop and define his/herown views while expanding their base of knowledge. Lectures provide historical background,while lively discussions on important themes and exercises in investigative journalism developcritical thinking skills.Globalization and the Global Economy (elective)In order to keep up with the ever-changing pace of international relations, students today must havean in-depth understanding of the nature of the global economy. This course is an interdisciplinarystudy of the political and economic forces that dictate international activity. Students explore issuesrelating to increased economic interdependence between nations.

HOUSING: Throughout the program, the group will live in 3-star centrally located hotels. All hotels are carefullychosen and visited by Abbey Road staff. Students will share double or triple rooms.

DAILY SCHEDULE: We begin each weekday with the Modern European History Course. After lunch, students attendtheir afternoon elective or participate in guided workshops and seminars. Students are fortunate tohave many options, which vary based on their current location. Outside of class time, they will beable to choose from athletic, cultural and recreational activities, in addition to free time and theopportunity to explore the contemporary side of each host city.

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