Summit View School is a college preparatory program for students with learning differences who possess average to above-average intellectual capabilities. Summit View, located on two campuses in Valley Glen and Culver City, is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

Academics: Summit View High School follows a rigorous, standards-based curriculum that meets state and district guidelines and offers advanced courses such as Pre-calculus, Astronomy and Physics. An emphasis on cross-curricular activities between subject areas enhances student awareness of how concepts interconnect and relate to the world around them. Core classes meet the a-g course requirements for University of California and California State University admissions.

Based on research showing that students with learning disabilities require explicit instruction in learning how to learn, the middle school program, which consists of 7th and 8th grades, integrates study skills into lessons across subject areas. Students are taught organization, time-management, note-taking, test-preparation, research skills, and test-taking strategies to help them transition successfully to high school.

The elementary program utilizes specialized intervention programs to solidify and improve basic skills. Students receive direct, intensive instruction in the basic skills of reading, writing, mathematics and study skills. Teachers are trained in research-based multisensory instructional strategies such as The Wilson Reading System and Read Naturally to improve decoding and reading fluency skills. Learning comes alive through classroom and small group instruction in a stimulating and motivating environment. Students build math skills through a cumulative, sequential process starting at their level of competence. Students learn to perform everyday problem-solving tasks and to integrate math concepts and skills through real-life scenarios. In the core subject areas of science and social studies, the California State Framework and Content Standards are followed at each grade level, as students participate in engaging group projects and simulations, as well as hands-on experiments. Class size is limited to twelve students.

Student Life: Summit View provides ample opportunities for students to get involved and participate in activities outside the academic curriculum. A strong co-curricular component augments and enriches the academic program through field trips, outdoor education, travel abroad, expert speakers, and science fairs. Students work together to create an environment that stimulates growth, develops leadership, and prepares them for college and beyond.

Community service is a vital part of the curriculum. Students participate in activities that contribute to the well-being of the diverse communities in and around Los Angeles. In addition, the student community arranges fund-raising efforts to support local charities and make contributions to help in national disasters.

Student Council provides students with the opportunity to develop leadership skills. The student body officers, together with class representatives and other school groups, work to foster school spirit and serve as a student voice for school-related issues and concerns. They organize a range of school-wide activities including spirit days, dances, holiday activities, and also run the Student Store.

Visual and Performing Arts:  A thriving visual and performing arts program nurtures students’ innate talents and targets the strengths of our student population, allowing them to exhibit their skills in music, art, graphic design, drama and music.

The Fine Arts curriculum is a critical component of the educational program. In the Art classes, students develop projects in two and three dimensional art media. Art appreciation and art production are linked as students research, develop and create around concepts that relate to the world around them. Instruction is provided in technique and the processing of materials into final artistic form. Students work with different media to create basic sculpture, murals, drawings and paintings. In addition, students have the opportunity to explore graphic art and design through a variety of different elective courses.

Every year, students have the opportunity to perform in a major theatrical production such as Oliver, Grease, Oklahoma, Music Man, Fiddler on the Roof, Working, and Bye, Bye Birdie. The High School Fine Arts classes meet the UC a-g requirements.

Music classes are designed to introduce students to the various elements of music through understanding and analyzing its artistic value, creative expression, historical and cultural context, aesthetic values and applications. Students learn to read, notate and perform music for keyboard or vocal scores. They also learn to sight read and use ear training and rhythm exercises to notate simple melodies and harmonies. Finally, students apply music across the curriculum to demonstrate their competency in understanding the role and relationship music has to other subjects and careers.

Finally Media Studies allows students to explore the inter-relationships between language and the visual and performing arts. 

Technology: Integration of technology is an essential element of the academic program. The use of technology assists students in discovering ways to compensate for learning deficits and better access the curriculum, as well as prepare them for life in a technologically rich society. Cutting-edge technology includes iPads, interactive whiteboards, portable work stations, word processing keyboards, text-to-speech and concept-mapping software.

College and Career Counseling: College Counseling is an integral part of the Summit View Program. College Advisors at both campuses support and empower students and parents in researching options and planning the road to college. With the tools and strategies learned throughout their Summit View education, graduates move on to college with the confidence and skills necessary to move forward in their formal education. Workshops are offered on writing college essays, interviewing techniques and other aspects of the college application process.

Beginning in 8th grade with a transition meeting, Summit View students and their families meet with the College Counselor to learn about college options, testing needed for admission, requirements to get in to specific schools and overall information. Seniors visit college campuses during the first semester of senior year, and Junior and Senior classes have colleges come to visit Summit View. The College Counselor meets individually with Junior and Senior parents to create a list of appropriate schools. Summit View students have earned admission to colleges and universities throughout the country, such as University of Arizona, University of Oregon, University of California at Irvine and Berkeley, as well as many California State Universities and private colleges such as University of Redlands, Whittier College and Marymount College with an acceptance rate of 97 percent.

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