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    The Tarzan Way: Volunteer in India and Experience Life in a Pahadi Village


    • Listing Type: Volunteer Opportunities
    • Category: Promoting Volunteerism
    • Volunteer Type: Individual, Supervised Group, With Parent/Guardian
    • Minimum Age: 18
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    The Tarzan Way envision to innovate and simplify travel, by providing immersive travel experiences and an option to personalize your own travel plan.

    In this single week experiential program, the participants will visit and explore the pristine village of Laluri Khal, which boasts a completely exotic, and, off the beaten track experience away from the hustle and bustle of the city life.

    Availability is dependent on India’s current COVID-19 situation, please contact us at our website for the most up-to-date information.

    The participants will get an opportunity to experience the world through the eyes of a villager, understand, and, become a part of another community.

    They will learn about the local traditions, culture, cuisine of the village. They will get to interact with the local students, the families, and, the panchayat and understand how the locals live. Away from the technological revolution, you will get the freedom to explore unconventional, and, unseen mountain trails with experienced captains.

    The team will participate in local activities like basket weaving, rope making and will end their fruitful day under the star-studded sky, enjoying the bonfire and barbecue.

    For more information about Life in a Pahadi Village, visit our website!