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    About-Face equips women and girls with tools to understand and resist harmful media messages that affect their self-esteem and body image.

    Changes in our culture are calling for us to transform About-Face once again. Today teenage girls aren’t only feeling the effects of thin, white supermodels on the runway and in heroin-chic fashion spreads. They have smartphones in their pockets and constant access to web sites and social media that are filled with negative, limiting messages of all sorts. And their media isn’t only top-down: They’re making their own media via social media every day.

    Our Volunteer oppertunities

    Social Media Activist Volunteer: If you’re always hanging out on Instagram, Twitter, and other social sites, like spreading online love, write catchy comments and love About-Face’s message, then being a Social Media Activist could be a great volunteer position for you. Use the awesome power you have through your social media networks to get our important message out there! This is especially great if you want to volunteer virtually. 

    Activist Volunteer: Maybe you don’t want to narrow down your volunteering too much. This volunteer position includes a lot of the About-Face fun. Help out at our office, discover new books and resources, and more! San Francisco Bay Area only.

    Website Writer or Editor Volunteer: If you love writing or proofreading, this volunteer role is for you! This volunteer position includes finding and writing about the best and the worst media for our Galleries, ranting and raving on our blog, and even editing others’ writing. It’s a great role if you want to volunteer virtually.

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