Travel For Teens: Australia and New Zealand Service

    Travel For Teens: Australia and New Zealand Service


    • Listing Type: Summer Programs
    • Destination: Australia, New Zealand
    • Program Delivery: Residential
    • Provided By: Independent Provider
    • Session Start: July
    • Session Length: Three Weeks
    • Entering Grade: 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th
    • Gender: Coed
    • Category: Travel/Cultural Immersion
    • Sub-Categories: Animals/Nature, Environmental Science, Wildlife Conservation
    • Selective: No
    • Ages: 14, 15, 16, 17, 18
    • Minimum Cost: > $3,000
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    Cross the International Date Line and arrive in the Land Down Under! Our journey to Australia and New Zealand is a Travel For Teen’s favorite, combining outdoor adventure with cultural exploration and major travel destinations with little-known gems. Feel a deeper sense of cultural connection when you take part in our community service program in Australia! Find out more!

    In New Zealand, experience the country’s famed natural beauty with a boat cruise on picture-perfect Milford Sound nestled in the mountains. Make sure you keep an eye out for penguins, seals, and even dolphins! Take an exhilarating ride on the world’s fastest jet boat zooming through rock canyons and enjoy a local Maori ceremony to learn more about the unique culture and traditions New Zealand has.

    After New Zealand, we’ll hop on a short flight to begin our ultimate Australian experience. Here we will enjoy the best of Australia’s wildlife all while completing service work with local organizations dedicated to protecting the country’s unique and diverse wildlife and natural habitats on land and water. Participants will become Great Barrier Reef advocates as part of this multifaceted program that facilitates Great Barrier Reef research, education, and conservation. Service will include a classroom component — training with marine biologists and developing the skills necessary for our work out on the water. Our hands-on work will involve trips with marine biologists to Fitzroy Island and the Great Barrier Reef to survey reefs, collect data, and visit a turtle rehabilitation center. Over the years, our summer service program has had a huge impact on the community and our former students were even featured on the local news!

    The adventure doesn’t stop there — when traveling with TFT, you can be sure that you will cuddle with koalas, pet kangaroos, spend time adventuring in the outback, explore Sydney, discover the Great Barrier Reef, and of course, immerse yourself in the Australian culture and relaxed lifestyle!

    Reviews (3)

    • Life Changing
      stars stars stars stars stars
      Reviewed on 01/11/2018 by Kklyuchka

      I went on the Australia and New Zealand Service trip and it was life changing. I met some amazing people, which I became close with after about a day. I saw some of the most beautiful landscapes that I have ever seen. I visited the place where my favorite movie, The Lord of the Rings, was filmed. I held a koala and went glamping in the outback. I interacted with the locals and most importantly, I ventured out of my comfort zone, which makes for a more interesting adventure. The counselors were amazing and helpful and despite the age difference, no one ran out of things to talk about. TFT allowed me to experience something amazing and at such a young age, I was able to travel to a whole different world.

    • Best Summer Ever!
      stars stars stars stars stars
      Reviewed on 05/11/2018 by Colleen

      I will never forget the three weeks I spent in New Zealand and Australia with Travel for Teens this summer. From the moment I stepped off the plane I fell in love with New Zealand. The beauty country is just breathtaking, and all the activities we did while in New Zealand were exhilarating. After an amazing few days in NZ we were off to Australia which was just as an amazing country. The service work we did while in Australia was incredibly fulfilling. I absolutely enjoyed every aspect of the trip, from day one to twenty-one! The counselors were the best!! They were approachable, spirited, and full of fun positive energy. The other campers on the trip were awesome, and by the end of the trip we all became like a big family! I can not wait to one day return to these stunning countries!

    • Fun in the Land Down Under
      stars stars stars stars stars
      Reviewed on 21/10/2018 by Nat

      There are so many amazing and breathtaking moments from my Australia and New Zealand trip, we did so much from seeing the Sydney Opera House to paragliding in Queenstown. We immersed ourselves in the culture going to Aboriginal and Maori Hakas and some of us even got to join in. There was also the fulfilling volunteer work where we got to help a nature reserve and feed wallabies while camping in the outback, it allowed us to get away from technology and just experience the amazing nature of Australia.
      Not only did we have some incredible experiences we met people who we bonded and made unforgettable memories with. Some of my best memories are days that we didn’t do much, but we still managed to have so much fun. There was a travel day where we got to Sydney late, but we decided to go to laser tag regardless and afterwards we found a park where we climbed on the equipment and just had fun, letting our inner child come out to have fun. It was one of the moment that really made me feel like a traveller and not just a tourist. The counsellors were just as amazing leading us on these adventures and taking care of any of the few problems we had and making sure we didn’t get into too much mischief.
      Overall, it was an unbelievable trip with unforgettable experiences, culture, volunteer work, and people.