Riverside Military Academy: Summer Leadership Academy

    Riverside Military Academy: Summer Leadership Academy


    • Listing Type: Summer Programs
    • Destination: United States
    • Program Delivery: Day, Residential
    • Provided By: Private School
    • Session Start: June, July
    • Session Length: Three Weeks
    • Entering Grade: 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th
    • Gender: Boys Only
    • Category: Academic
    • Sub-Categories: Leadership
    • Selective: No
    • Ages: 13, 14, 15, 16, 17
    • Minimum Cost: > $3,000
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    The Summer Leadership Academy (SLA) is a three-week summer program available to rising 6th through 12th grade students. We offer two options: co-ed, with a focus on leadership and character development, communication, and competency; and military-style, designed to prepare students for military school or a future in the service.

    Summer Leadership Academy (Co-Ed) June 12 – July 1, 2022

    Summer Leadership Academy (Co-Ed) is offered to male and female students. Activities are geared toward camaraderie, teamwork, morale, college preparation, and career options. Some anticipated activities for SLAI include: Classroom instruction with guest speakersLeadership training and assessmentsWhitewater rafting, horseback riding, and hikingExcursions to Medieval Times, team building centers, and a Federal CourtroomGraduation ceremony (July 1, 2022)Students will finish the program by preparing an oral and written project presentation. Successful completion of the academy results in a half credit elective for high school. The cost for LAI is $3,900 for domestic students and $4,500 for international students.

    Summer Leadership Academy (Male Only) July 10 - 30, 2022

    Summer Leadership Academy (Male Only) is offered to male students who have interest in the ROTC academy or military school. In addition to leadership development, students will receive a highly structured experience, giving them a better understanding for and preparation for service. SLA activities include:Patrolling, rappelling, mountaineering, and digging foxholesWhitewater raftingOvernight trips to Ft. Benning and Camp MerrillService Academy PrepPeer leadership opportunitiesDaily PT and PT assessmentsTactical training (SQD and PLT) and evaluationFieldcraftDrill and ceremonyGraduation ceremony (July 30, 2022)Participants will discuss and begin several entry requirements for ROTC or service academy including the application process, essay, and physical fitness tests.An added benefit to students entering Riverside Military Academy Fall 2022 is ROC (Recruit on Campus) Cycle completion. New students are required to attend a ROC Cycle upon entry, but a student who attends and completes the MLA also completes their ROC Cycle, allowing him to focus on academics, cadet life, and their successful future.

    Cost is $4,376 for domestic and $4,990 for international.


    • Riverside Military Academy is the school that most parents wished was in their hometown for their son. Our local schools were failing and the classrooms were not conducive to learning. My son was falling further behind and I could not seem to reach him. So I considered Riverside for summer school. This was best decision we made for him. I wish I could broadcast it on every television or radio station and all social media. Riverside = Great environment, exceptional teachers, excellent curriculum. Structured, but allows the cadets the freedom to be creative and ingenious. Parents are always keep updated on school and students status. No bullying, hazing, or intimidation. I knew my son was smart and could be a honor student--Riverside brought it to manifestation. Each time I see him I am more amazed at how well he has developed into a productive, caring and respectful young man. If you are looking for a better education for your son, combined with a behavior change in his life and is willing to invest in your son's future--you should invest in Riverside. You will not be disappointed.

      - Parent of an RMA student - August 13, 2014
    • My school provided the structure that my son needs to succeed. The team sports, physical activity opportunities, homework help, and mandatory study time are wonderful. I hope that he will be able to graduate from RMA.

      - Parent of an RMA student - June 9, 2014
    • Riverside Military Academy is in my opinion one of the BEST Schools available today. They have an excellent curriculum and they teach tradition, elegance, good manners, excellence, via leading by example. What better way to teach children. With a 106 year history they must be doing something right!!!

      - Parent of an RMA student - April 24, 2014
    • My son attended this school for the S.O.A.R. program this past summer. From the summer program alone I have seen a huge difference in his attitude, his willingness to learn and how enthusiastic he seems to reach his potential goals. He is a freshman now and with Gods will, he will be a senior in four years and take the opportunities that he has been blessed with at this school...his words this past weekend to me, "Thanks for sending me here, mom. This is the school for me!”

      - Parent of an RMA student - March 14, 2014
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