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    Maharishi University of Management: Experience the Self

    Maharishi University of Management: Experience the Self


    • Listing Type: Summer Programs
    • Destination: United States
    • Program Delivery: Residential
    • Provided By: College
    • Gender: Coed
    • Category: Mental Health & Well-Being
    • Sub-Categories: Outdoor Behavior Therapy Program, Health and Well Being, Stress Reduction
    • Selective: No
    • Credit Awarded: No
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    Experience the Self

    Experience the Self

    Maharishi Mahesh Yogi established MUM over 40 years ago to revive ancient Vedic knowledge for optimum health, success, and expansion of consciousness, and make it accessible to the modern world. We invite you to contact pure awareness—the ground level of your Self—and bring its creative intelligence into your daily life. Our courses and faculty attention help you discover this field of “all possibilities” for yourself.

    On this eight-day journey, from June 25 through July 2, 2016, you will learn the Transcendental Meditation® technique, and, if you already practice Transcendental Meditation, you’ll learn an Advanced Transcendental Meditation technique from our dedicated teachers. (Transcendental Meditation is not a religion or a philosophy. Thousands of people all over the world practice.)

    You’ll gain knowledge from our faculty, enjoy organic cuisine, engage in games, sports, or hiking, and explore Fairfield, Iowa.

    The Fairfield community is alive with over 300 artists, the Sondheim Center for Performing Arts, a monthly ArtWalk, visiting musicians, a rec center on campus and a new one in town, three pools, a 17-mile continuous Loop Trail, and a surprising number of American and ethnic restaurants.

    Fairfield has been named by Smithsonian Magazine one of America’s best small towns for its diversity and cultural aliveness. Our mayor has been named one of the greenest in Iowa.

    During our 8-day summer course in Self-discovery from June 25-July 2nd, our outstanding faculty will give extensive attention to each course participant. They are expert not only in their academic fields but in the knowledge and programs for developing higher states of consciousness. Discover the field of “all possibilities” for yourself through this introduction to Maharishi Vedic Science and the following courses—


    • The Transcendental Meditation program
    • Advanced Techniques of the Transcendental Meditation program


    • Maharishi Yoga asanas course
    • Maharishi Yoga asanas program and Sun Salutations for the beginner
    • Maharishi Self-Pulse Reading for Good Health


    • Sanskrit
    • Vedic Literature — Bhagavad-Gita
    • Poetry and Writing


    • Sustainable Living
    • Becoming a Teacher of the Transcendental Meditation program