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    Stephani Fried, MA, LPC is a Licensed Professional Counselor who has worked in the field of Counseling and Education for the last 30 years. Stephani has many years of experience as an independent college counselor/adviser working with the college admissions process.

               There is a “right fit” college for every student who chooses to attend. 

    My services include:

    School Selection: I work with students to develop a list of schools that is uniquely tailored to their strengths, goals and interests. Students become actively involved in their college selection process; with guided support and solid resources to research schools, make the most of campus visits, and to develop a better understanding of themselves. Together with their parents, we develop a list that includes "reach", "match" and "safety" schools.

    SAT/ACT Prep: I have developed relationships with tutors and Prep Courses which work well to support students through this process.• Application Support: I help students to identify their particular strengths and interests, guiding them to complete their applications authentically allowing them to shine through. 

    Essays: I work with students to craft essays that are not only grammatically correct and well-written, but which are unique and memorable. Students write their own essays with clear coaching, rewrites and edits. 

    • Recommendation Letters: I assist students to choose teachers from whom to request recommendation letters and help them request them in such a way that their teachers and counselor will be more likely to write letters that are customized and strong.

    • Deadline Tracking: I present a manageable schedule which ensures that everything from application requests to essays, interviews, recommendations and financial aid planning are completed on time and completed well.

    • Interviews: Prepare students for their college interviews by conducting mock interviews during which they will both refine their interview skills and practice answering questions similar to those they will likely be asked in their actual interviews. 

    Ongoing Support. Through a combination of in-person sessions, phone, email and Skype, I will remain a source of advice and support for my students and their parents right up until the day they start college. 

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    • Stephani is incredibly knowledgeable She...
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      Reviewed on 28/01/2015 by Linda

      Stephani is incredibly knowledgeable. She suggested a university to my son that was not even on his list, but she considered it a good fit. It turns out that it became his first choice...he applied ED, was accepted, and is now a very happy senior there. I think it was a combination of he understanding of his needs and her breadth of knowledge about universities and colleges. We were thrilled!