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    WE CAN is a community-based response to the challenges of our modern multi-culture, techno-based, global society. WE CANs programs and projects encompass a range of activities, all with the common theme of expanding the application of computer- and communications-based technology.

    WE CAN promotes educational advancement and opportunities on all levels, including: one-on-one instruction in reading and mathematics, with emphasis on critical thinking; computer skills development; life skills management; and essay competition programs.

    WE CAN works to build the people who will help to build bridges between various communities in our diverse society, engaging parents, families, students, schools and community partners to serve as a New Village to raise our youth to be successful citizens in a multi--cultural society and global marketplace.

    Each WE CAN program and project is intended to foster self-actualization, a life-long commitment to learning, critical thinking, and dreamingof possibilities in a world where all people in all communities are joined together through the hoops of intellect, creativity, and technology to work in harmony and peace.

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