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    The Johnson O’Connor Research Foundation – DC


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    Since 1922, hundreds of thousands of people have used our aptitude testing service to find direction in educational and career planning, whether still in school, seeking employment, or making mid-life career changes.

    The Johnson O'Connor Research Foundation is a nonprofit scientific research and educational organization with two primary commitments: to study human abilities and to provide people with a knowledge of their aptitudes that will help them derive more satisfaction from their lives. Our approach to understanding the individual has continued to evolve over the last eighty plus years. We are always conducting research to improve our aptitude measures, discover new aptitudes, and enhance our ability to interpret aptitude test scores for our clients and the public at large. We keep in touch through bulletins and follow-ups with our examinees and we test workers in diverse occupational groups to help us better understand aptitude patterns.

    It starts with students, high school or college, making choices about education that will affect the rest of their lives. Choosing a college or career simply based on what friends and family members have done or suggest can be a haphazard way of making such an important decision. What suits one person or an earlier generation may not work at all for someone else. We know that people are happier and more satisfied in their careers when they choose work that matches their aptitude pattern. Finding a career path that allows them to develop their natural abilities will allow them to express their fullest potential.