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    Safe Time Teen Academic Coaching and College Advising

    Safe Time Teen Academic Coaching and College Advising


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    Many teens struggle with feelings of guilt during divorce, direction in life, feelings of social awkwardness, disorganization at home and school, exam anxiety, lack of motivation, poor choices, and so much more. Teen Resilience Coaching gives teens an ally, an outlet, and a greater sense of control over their life. 

    Safe Time offers life coaching, academic coaching, and advising. Teens learn the skills needed to be organized, connected, and engaged with life now and in the future. 

    Teen Resilience Coaching and Advising covers three main areas:

    Life Coach and Advising helps teens discover values and what motivates them, while gaining the tools to face adversity and setbacks. Building resilience and social-emotional skills. Forming boundaries and self-respect. Organization and goal setting. Developing habits that are good for their minds and bodies. 

    Academic Coaching and Advising helps teens create sustainable goals for school and develop organizational skills for all aspects of life. Being organized involves executive function skills, which include things like self-restraint, working memory, emotion control, focus, task initiation, planning/prioritization, time management, defining and achieving goals, flexibility, observation and even stress tolerance.

    Develop effective study/homework habits and leadership skills. Public speaking and presentation skills. Planning and comprehensive organizing. Providing learning resources and extra support when grades start dropping. 

    College Admissions Coaching and Advising helps high school students explore future careers and determine what they want to major in during college. 

    Setting students up for success for selective college admissions. Researching colleges and finding the best fits. Developing college lists and understanding strategies. Essay writing support to make sure they tell an impactful story and perfect grammer.