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    Sarah Sandberg is a college advisor and founder of Navigate to College. She helps students and their parents manage the complex task of finding schools that are a good fit socially, academically and financially. Then she helps students present themselves in the best possible light on their applications.

    Sarah works with students one-on-one to understand their hopes and dreams for college. She guides them through college selection, essay writing, presentation of activities, and interview prep. She has had remarkable success helping a wide variety of students find schools where they are thriving as well as where they receive generous scholarships and financial aid. Sarah helps students all over the academic spectrum, from valedictorians to those whose talents are not reflected in their grade point average. 

    Students can opt for the full service package which includes advising, scheduling, resume building, essay help, and interview prep. If that's too much, students can also opt for hourly help based on specific needs. To find out more about costs and how to schedule an appointment, check out our website!

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