M. Bavafa College Admissions Counseling


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    To achieve a well-balanced college life, students are counseled on their course selection as well as the appropriate extracurricular activities, leadership, volunteer work, and summer programs.

    We recommend a College Fit Consultation during the second semester of junior year and the first semester of senior year in high school. Our counseling services include 2-4 meetings of between 1 and a half to 2 hours with students and their families to identify a list of colleges and universities that are the best fit for each student. We use multiple college planning worksheets and questionnaires to collect the information necessary for identifying 5-10 colleges and universities that are good matches for the student. These worksheets have been designed to help students with their self-evaluation, assessing their interests, capabilities, academic goals and college preferences. The process of completing and analysis of the information from these worksheets has had proven results for helping hundreds of students with planning a successful college life.

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