Kobrick College Consulting LLC

    Kobrick College Consulting LLC


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    Kobrick College Consulting, LLC strives to assist students and their families as they navigate the intricacies of the college admissions process so that all students find a college where they can thrive and be successful.

    Kobrick College Consulting, LLC provides the expertise, guidance and support needed to determine which colleges are a good fit for a student's specific academic credentials and future goals. Our extensive, 10-session package, is personalized for each student. We help students to develop a strategy and specific steps to ensure the students applications and essays are completed and packaged in a manner that highlights the students unique personality, credentials and interests. Emphasis on showcasing what makes the student an attractive candidate to each and every college.

    We also offer a specially designed, 8-session package, personalized for each student, that compresses the college application process into a shorter, simplified timeline for high school juniors.

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