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    Kim R. Crockard & Associates


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    • Category: Independent Educational Consultant
    • Sub-Categories: College Advisor
    • Service Delivery: In-Person
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    Dr. Crockard invests significant time in building relationships with her students and their families. Having worked with over 400 families, she knows the steps that must be taken to ensure a successful college search as well as the pitfalls that can be avoided by being on top of the process.

    To ensure that students find the right college fit, Dr. Crockard works diligently in the following areas: Academic Coaching, SAT/ACT Strategy, College Selection, and College Applications. In her Academic Coaching, Dr. Crockard encourages students to challenge themselves, to engage in their course work adn seek out meaningful school and community activiites. Dr. Crockard recognizes that while the SAT/ACT are an important part of the college application process, testing is only one part. Thoughtful strategies and appropriate preparation ensure a balanced appraoch to testing. Regarding College Selection and College Applications, there are many aspects to finding a college that complements individual personalities and academics as well as career goals. Students work closely with Dr. Crockard to find a group of colleges to research and visit, if possible. From this group will emerge a customized application list. Dr. Crockard emphasizes teh need to craft accurate, original, and candid application materials. Careful proofing and thoughtful writing are key skills taught by Dr. Crockard.