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    • HUGE help from J2Guides
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      Reviewed on 27/09/2021 by jpalm

      My son was undecided about his plans for Fall 2021 so he enrolled in J2Guides "Explore the Gap" course. I was able to sit in 2 of the 4 sessions you provided to Hunter and they were, in a word, fantastic. Jane and Jason, the course leaders (and founders) had so much enthusiasm and knowledge about the subject that it gave my son the confidence to say that he needed some time before going to university. The resources are also great - easy to understand and, in many cases, use. Hunter is currently in Ecuador (Fall 2021) and is having an amazing, immersive and safe experience. Pandemic willing, he will travel to Asia in the Spring for more of the same. Thank you!

    • Saved the year for my son!
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      Reviewed on 20/11/2020 by Steve

      My son had been working with Jane and Jason even before COVID showed up. They displayed a vast knowledge of not only available programs around the world, but also a very insightful perspective of the gap year process. They took the time to help my son think long and hard about what he wanted from a gap year, and how to develop a plan to meet that end. Jane and Jason were incredibly committed to helping my son find a program where he would really fit in and build relationships as well as pursuing his personal goals. When Covid hit, and international opportunities began to shrink, J2Guides didn’t miss a step. My son was presented with new options for what to do with his gap year. Jane and Jason helped him match to a program that fits him like a glove. He is thriving with new levels of independence, self reliance, daily adventure and great new friends. He called yesterday after finishing five days rafting the Grand Canyon. (I am so jealous). With the rest of the year still to plan, Jane and Jason continue to be a valuable resource with many ideas for the spring. I am so appreciative for the guidance and support my son has received from J2Guides. His gap year would not have been the same without their help.

    • Saved my teen's Gap Year!!
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      Reviewed on 16/11/2020 by Julie

      I am a parent of a 2020 highschool grad who was all set to go on an international Gap semester before enrolling at Middlebury college in Feb 2021. Obviously, none of that could happen during this unprecedented time and like many other parents, I watched my teen's plans crumble before her eyes. With the help of J2Guides, she was able to pivot and plan a totally different domestic Gap semester, including figuring out WHY she was even taking a Gap year, budgeting for it, deciding between several fabulous options and is right now, taking part in an incredibly enriching, safe, challenging program right here in the States. Because of this program and the fact that her college is just not going to be the same as she expected, she has decided to take an additonal semester off, defering enrollment until Sept 2021. As a parent, I am eternally grateful to Jane and Jason because they have taken on the role of mentor, advisor, cheerleader and guide at a time when hope is hard to come by and teenagers don't always want to hear their parent's advice. I can wholeheartedly recommend their program, their integrity, knowledge, enthusiasm for both travel and education, plus the fact they are WALKING THE WALK.


    • Jason and Jane are both incredibly engaged, positive and professional in their work. They hold the unique perspective of having been field instructors and program directors for gap year programs, giving them valuable insight into how programs work, what questions to ask, and how life-changing the right program can be for a young adult.

      - Scott Burnett - November 17, 2019
    • Jane and Jason worked closely with my son to plan his gap year. Their approach was incredibly effective from both the parent and student perspective. J2Guides shepherded my son through this stressful and complicated process of figuring out his best course of action after he graduates from high school. Jane and Jason are patient, kind, realistic, thoughtful, thorough, and incredibly passionate about their work. We initially thought we might be able to navigate this ourselves just using the internet…. and we were incredibly wrong. These two are professionals worth their weight in gold and they truly made this process so much more enjoyable for the whole family! We could not have asked for a better experience or outcome.

      - Tammy Stone - March 1, 2020
    • Jane and Jason worked for Global Routes (an organization I co-founded) for nearly 15 years, as field staff, then as program managers, and ultimately as executive directors. They both demonstrated the highest degree of professionalism, capability, compassion and excellence in every aspect of running an educational non-profit. When they moved to gap year advising, that knowledge of the industry, their compassionate caring, their willingness to advocate for clients really held sway. So much so that my wife and I called upon them when our son was looking to deep-dive into an interest of his. They directed us to two experiences, both of which were critical in the development of his interests and more importantly his sense of self. I can’t recommend Jane and Jason more highly.

      - Kenneth Hahn - November 15, 2019
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