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    IEP's mission is to create programs that reflect out-of-the-box thinking within the fiscal restraints that institutions face in challenging economic times. Our staff is expert at providing cost-effective turnkey solutions that answer community needs.

    IEP presents an Academic Enrichment or Supplemental Educational Service (SES) program with a specialty in Reading/Language Arts and Mathematics. We provide effective before, during or after-school instruction to those students who need it most. We work in schools large and small, in urban and suburban areas. We develop programs for children in kindergarten through 12th grade. Most importantly, we have a record of success and a roster of parents, teachers and principals who see students succeed and thrive thanks to IEPs innovative educational programs.

    In the field of education, there is no greater challenge, nor more rewarding experience, than successfully meeting the needs of Special Education students. In the past, many Special Education students simply were lost in the system, either sent out of district in segregated settings or left adrift to find their own way, or even to drop out of school. Today, under new legal mandates, school districts are seeking creative solutions to provide more inclusive programs for the students. IEP offers such innovative approaches to teaching special education students in inclusive education settings that provide a seamless education from pre-school intervention through high school graduation.

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