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    Advise about deferral; construct a plan based on narrowing the set of options; insure the plan with logistical advice and confirmation with programs; monitor each stage of the plan; meet with student client; meet with parents; engage in email and phone consultations.

    Gilpin and Associates Educational Consulting is the latest stage in an evolutionary process that began with the authorship of Time Out: Taking a break from school and traveling and working in the United States and around the world. We began helping students make plans for time away from school in 1988, even before the book was published. But, we quickly discovered that our student clients needed more than just advice about time away; they sought help about how and where to return. So, time out advice turned into advice about how and when and where to leave, where to go and why, and then how and when and where to come back to. In other words, we helped students decide on secondary school and college choices, how to move from one school _ whether high school or college _ to another, and what, if anything, to do in between. As if that werent complicated enough, along the way we discovered that a lot of students need advice about the day to day of school, again, whether high school or college: courses to take, day to day work decisions, planning most of all. That gets us to now. Now, we have no typical client.

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