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    Gap Year Explorer

    Gap Year Explorer


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    Gap Year Explorer is an advisory service to assist you in planning a meaningful gap year. We take an integrative approach to a gap year experience. It is not all about traveling abroad to visit new lands and cultures. Of course that is part of it, but we want to help you realize your true passions and capabilities.

    As an adviser, we are about building a year of experiences, customized just for you. This can include working and volunteering in your own community or interning locally in a career area you want to explore. It may also include working to save money for an overseas or national destination. There should also be time built into your gap year for applying to colleges if you have not yet done so.

    It is optimal that your gap year be broken up into thirds or even fourths. This way, you get a well-rounded experience that will inform your "inner compass" to point you in a career direction that is right for YOU.