Edmit: Make Smarter Financial Decisions About College

    Edmit: Make Smarter Financial Decisions About College


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    Edmit supports families through all financial aspects of the college process (saving, planning, applications, and decision-making). We provide data, recommendations, and services to help you maximize your investment in higher education.

    Edmit's mission is to help families evaluate college as the large and critical investment that it is. We start with price, helping to estimate the scholarships and aid a student is likely to receive from a given school so that they can craft a well-balanced list with colleges that will be a 'financial fit'. Then we provide insights and recommendations about the colleges you're considering, helping to run the numbers on cost and outcomes (e.g. debt repayment and earnings after school) to give a complete picture and help you make the savviest decision. Our website offers free accounts with reporting and tools, and affordable premium memberships which provide consultations with our network of advisors.

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