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    EDGE Learning and Wellness Community

    EDGE Learning and Wellness Community


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    EDGE Collegiate Learning and Wellness Community is for young adults in Chicago who are motivated to achieve success in life. Our dedicated and passionate team, including live-in staff, will equip students who would benefit from a support-rich, substance-free environment to be responsible, autonomous adults.

    To facilitate learning, EDGE Learning and Wellness utilizes individualized assessments that evaluate the students educational support and life skill development needs, augmented by career advice, study halls and peer support, to establish a foundation and identify a constructive path forward. To promote wellness, our professionals offer a proven approach that includes mentoring to provide direction, frameworks to track process, and development opportunities to expand interests.

    All activities are designed to foster a sense of connection with others. By building a strong, diverse network, students will be able to take on new challenges with the confidence that comes from having the right support system, skills, and experience.

    Our Core Competencies are: Whole Brain Thinking (Rational and Irrational Thinking), Creativity and Continuous Learning, Effective Communication, Leading within Teams, Community Stewardship, Sustaining Healthy Relationships, Self Care, and Management of Resources and Technology.