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    Corsava Cards

    Corsava Cards


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    Corsava Cards is a game that encourages students to reflect on what they are looking for in their college experience. The cards introduce students to college characteristics rarely considered, yet known to lead to a fulfilling experience. Parents love watching their students arrange the cards into piles based on importance, commenting that they wish they had had Corsava to explore their options. Go from overwhelmed to focused as everyone gets on the same page.

    For each college characteristic, students indicate a preference with one of four choice cards that include “Must Have,” “Would Be Nice,” “Do Not Care,” or “No Way.” To start, students place each card under the choice card that best reflects their emotional preference for that particular characteristic. Encourage your student to ask questions and talk through their thought process as they sort the cards.

    We have put together some fun resources and activities for you and your family to explore with Corsava Cards on our website. From sharing your own experiences to helping students put together a more targeted list of colleges, there is no better way to begin the college process on a positive note.