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    College Scoops

    College Scoops


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    College Scoops is the Insider's Guide to Campus Life whether you’re online, visiting, or living there. Imagine the ultimate college tour where you quickly access all the information you need and get the answers to the burning questions you and your student may have about campus life. We share all the latest information updated by Students for Students. We go beyond the data to give you an authentic college experience. 


    Our College Scoops Guides allow prospective students and parents (and college freshmen) to experience campus life as an upperclassman with all the inside scoops on the college experience. We give the real scoop on-campus life with interactive links to everything - where to live, study, eat. Where to go and what to do. All in one place. Not only will parents want and use this new advanced way to explore a college campus, but students will too!

    College Scoops released a membership platform with access to 75+ self-guided college tours. Students want to know: the inside scoops on the social scene, tips on how to succeed academically at each college, the best places to eat, study, explore and hang out on or around campus, best transportation options to get to campus, where to exercise on and off-campus. All of these questions and more. We all know that the most valuable information comes from insiders--that's where you get the real scoop!

    Check out our list of helpful content on our website:

    College Guides: 75+ unique curated guides designed to supplement the standard material provided by colleges.

    Podcasts: Topical comprehensive discussions with respected professionals involved in the college experience and students sharing their advice and lessons learned.

    Videos: Produced by our student ambassadors covering what they “wish they knew” about applying, attending, or graduating from college.

    Blogs & Newsletters: Valuable timely information from experts in the field.