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    The ultimate purpose of College Directions is to change the focus of the high school experience so that instead of asking what they must do to get into the "best" college, high school students concern themselves with discovering their interests and talents, with becoming the best people they can be.

    CAP, or Comprehensive Advising Program, is an all-inclusive college admissions plan, continuing throughout a students high school career, that encompasses the following services:

    • Ongoing consultation with students and parents regarding high school courses, standardized testing, employment opportunities, extracurricular & summer activities
    • Assistance in communicating and coordinating students college admissions plans with high school guidance counselors
    • College selection
    • Assistance with college applications and essays
    • Information on financial aid
    • Interview and college visit preparation
    • Assistance with Art Portfolios and Musical & Performing Arts Auditions
    • Assistance with Athletic Recruiting
    • Consultation on college freshman year academic schedule
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