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    Camille Roney: Academic Coaching

    Camille Roney: Academic Coaching


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    Want to help your high school or college student earn their highest grades ever, maximize their time, and develop a healthy, resilient mindset? I help busy and overwhelmed students actually ENJOY school by giving them the study skills they need to get competitive grades, and to overcome the deeper obstacles that have been holding them back from achieving their goals.

    As a certified Academic Life Coach, I give high school and college students earn competitive grades while enjoying the process. In addition to study strategies, we dive deep into the obstacles that may be impacting how they are showing up in school.

    Academic Coaching is perfect for student-athletes, those who are working through school, struggle with ADD/ADHD, lack motivation, feel overwhelmed, are smart kids whose grades don't reflect what they are truly capable of, or who are just plain busy!

    They get customized study training, coaching sessions, and accountability from someone who isn't their parent. Parents get to go back to being a supportive role, no more nagging required! You get to watch them develop life skills, unshakable confidence, and step into their best self.


    • My son is a Junior in High School, and we had a consultation with Camille, regarding his path forward to college. I want to enthusiastically recommend to anyone with a college-bound teen, to have a discussion with Camille. Camille was extremely personable and easy for my son to talk to. She knew exactly what to ask and how to ask it to get the information she needed to give a personal assessment of what the next steps are for my son. To my surprise, Camille actually told us that at this time, my son isn't in need of her specific services. I was expecting to hear a sales pitch and to have to determine myself whether there would be a value to my son's individual situation. It was wonderful to know we were talking so someone who genuinely cares about helping families and not just offering to charge for services that aren't needed for that student. She gave us some very valuable information regarding thinking ahead about what type of volunteer service that he will need when he ultimately applies to med school. She emphasized not only quantity, but quality. That's something that hadn't yet occurred to me, and will drive his decision when it's time to commit to a long-term volunteer opportunity. Camille was so encouraging and positive, she reassured my son that regardless of the outcome of these college applications, he is a great kid and has a pathway for success. She gave my son study tips and also gave us links and contact info for other resources that may be helpful through the college journey. Again, I highly recommend any parent and student have a discussion with Camille, she will give an honest and unbiased assessment of what next steps would be most beneficial in your child's journey to college.

      - Leigh D, Parent of High School Junior - April 6, 2022