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    Brightmont Academy -Tutoring and Test Preparation


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    Tutoring at Brightmont Academy for students in 1st- to 12th-grade provides one-on-one instruction with an experienced teacher who adjusts the pace and approach, ensuring each student understands concepts and helping student successfully complete school assignments.

    Comprehensive Tutoring Program

    Brightmont Academy offers each student a focused and tailored approach to tutoring that enables him or her to improve by providing:

    • One-to-one instruction: One teacher, one student — all of the time
    • Foundational skills: The teacher helps with specific course content, identifies the student’s areas of weakness and builds foundational academic, study, and organizational skills for long-term learning success.
    • Support for multiple subjects:  Because we have a team of educators with expertise across disciplines, we can provide all the tutoring support a student needs.
    • Responsible supervision: At each campus, the Director — a seasoned administrator — takes responsibility for monitoring progress and routinely updates parents.

    1st- to 12th-Grade Tutoring Topics

    Brightmont actively seeks to advance skills and foster continual progress in areas such as:

    • Academic subjects: math, language arts, science, social studies, Spanish
    • Academic skills: math, reading, writing
    • Study skills: organization, time-management, goal setting
    • Test preparation: SAT®, ACT®, ISEE, SSAT, CAHSEE, AIMS

    Students Who Benefit

    • When students begin to get lower grades, skip school, or avoid homework, Brightmont Academy tutoring provides the focused step-by-step support for those needing to overcome learning challenges, including:
    • Students with learning difficulties
    • Students struggling with course content and homework
    • Students needing to improve foundational reading, writing, math, or study skills
    • Students at risk of dropping out of school
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