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    Asora Education Enterprises


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    • Category: Tutoring and Test Prep
    • Service Delivery: In-Person, Online
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    Asora Education Enterprises offers a variety of educational services, including Asora's Stellar Schools Project, Asora Consulting, Achievement Test Services, and Course Brokerage Services.

    The Asora design of Stellar Schools has, among other things, an instructional format based on methods, technologies, content, and organizational structures known to work in real "brick & mortar" schools, including superior quality online instruction from expert teachers and professors as well as tutoring by teachers, teaching assistants, and advanced students.

    Asora Consulting provides two services: achievement test services analysis and specialty advice. We convert inflated public school system achievement test proficiencies, from those reported by state educational authorities for localities, to ones that are consistent with the Nation's Report Card. We provide specialist advice to organizations developing instructional systems, networks, and schools similar to Asora's Stellar School concept. We generally recommend an incremental approach in which we convert one subject area at a time.