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    Albert accelerates learning outcomes through interactive practice for over 200 academic subjects across the APs, ACT, SAT, NGSS and more.

    At Albert, we believe the best way to master anything is to “learn by doing” - so we built the ultimate interactive learning supplement for high schools.

    Students love Albert because our interactive format, rigorous questions, and detailed explanations provide the most engaging way to prepare for real exams.

    Teachers love Albert because our data analysis insights make it easy to identify and target gaps with high-level content and easy-to-use assignments.

    Administrators love Albert because we provide school-wide performance and usage data, world-class support and professional development, and rapid product development in response to feedback.

    Read on to learn why over 800 high schools and millions of students rely on Albert as their go-to resource for study and practice of Advanced Placement®, SAT®/ACT®, Common Core, NGSS, and more.

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