Loop Abroad: Thailand Veterinary Semester


    • Listing Type: Gap Year Programs
    • Destinations: Thailand
    • Credit Awarded: College
    • Program Length: Semester
    • Start Month: January, August
    • Category: Academic
    • Selective: No
    • Housing: Dorm
    • Application Fee: $50
    • Minimum Cost: > $20,000
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    Get hands-on with veterinary medicine in elephant sanctuaries, zoos, veterinary hospitals, and marine conservation centers in the beautiful topics of Thailand.

    The semester is designed with pre-veterinary students in mind. Our small, hands-on classes are taught by veterinarians with extensive experience in their fields in shelter, sanctuary, and clinic settings. Each course will be taken in a set sequence, providing the opportunity for one course to build upon another as you progress through the semester.

    Program Highlights:
    • Based in Chiang Mai, Thailand, a beautiful, bustling city rooted in an ancient culture and surrounded by an amazing variety of ecosystems yet many wildlife in crisis.
    • Two weeks learning about elephants observing and assisting the veterinary team with everything from physical exams to basic healthcare.
    • Three weeks on Turtle Island staying a few steps from the beach! SCUBA dive over coral reefs surveying coral health, tropical fish, and more. SCUBA Open Water diving certification is included. Learn from the conservationists and experts at the New Heaven Reef Conservation Program. Search for local sea turtles and shark populations and help conserve their habitat!
    • Two weeks in a zoo setting learning about exotic veterinary medicine – restraint, physical exams, welfare and enrichment for a variety of species.
    • Two-week practicum working in a companion animal clinic alongside Thai veterinarians.
    • Two-week Companion Animal Management course taught at the Dog Rescue Clinic providing hands-on experience and learning through case studies.
    What is the Thailand Veterinary Semester Abroad?

    The Thailand Veterinary Semester Abroad is a full, academically rigorous college semester designed for pre-vet students. It takes place in fall and spring, over the course of around 14 weeks. Students travel throughout Thailand together and take a set series of courses in a set order. The program does not take place on a college campus, but instead in elephant sanctuaries, dog clinics, marine research centers, and other animal facilities in Thailand.

    Participants in the Thailand Veterinary Semester Abroad will receive their credits and transcript from our school of record in the US. For students who are currently in college, we can help you work with your school to transfer these credits. For participants not currently in school, you will receive a transcript.

    Courses Designed for Pre-vets

    We understand pre-vets. You can’t let a semester pass without making progress towards a competitive vet school application. Join us for animal experiences you can’t get anywhere else on the planet all while developing hands-on veterinary skills, building your resume, and having an amazing adventure in Thailand. You won’t waste a moment.

    Research and Veterinary Experience Hours

    When you apply to vet school, you have to describe and record hours for three kinds of experiences: research experiences, veterinary experiences, and animal experiences.

    In our semester, you’ll log 250+ hours working with a veterinarian (DVM) and 20 hours of research.

    Explore Many Areas of Veterinary Medicine

    Studying in Thailand means you’ll get to experience a ton of different areas of veterinary medicine, which can be an advantage for admission to vet school. Loop offers veterinarian-supervised experiences in five of these areas!

    • Small animals
    • Exotic animals
    • Aquatic animals
    • Wildlife
    • Zoological medicine

    With Loop, you’ll study shelter management while assisting in a shelter. You’ll study marine vertebrates and then identify them while diving over a coral reef. You aren’t just shadowing at the clinic down the road — you’re learning first-hand about the communication challenges of practicing in cross-cultural organizations.

    Our semester is designed to give you not only technical knowledge and animal handling experience, but the cultural and communication skills to make the most of your training.

    Workshops to Support you in your Veterinary Goals

    We offer faculty-led workshops and advising to help you with every aspect of applying to Veterinary School and advancing your career. Covered topics include:

    • Writing and updating a resume
    • How to talk about your experiences in interviews
    • Seeking and finding additional experience
    • Securing letters of recommendation
    • Writing an admissions essay
    • The vet school application process
    • Veterinary career options
    Who Can Attend the Thailand Veterinary Semester Abroad?

    This program is open to applicants age 18 and over. You can be a citizen or resident of any country. You do not need to currently be in school. All courses are taught in English - no Thai language skills are necessary.

    Competitive applicants plan to apply to vet school or otherwise work in a career with animals, have a 3.0 GPA or greater, and have a demonstrated interest in working in animal science. No specific skills or experiences are required. We do require one course of college-level biology as a prerequisite (AP Bio or IB Bio would meet this requirement, and there are affordable online alternatives available.)

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