Loop Abroad: Scientific Research and Design


    • Listing Type: Gap Year Programs
    • Destinations: United States
    • Program Delivery: Online
    • Credit Awarded: None
    • Program Length: Three Weeks
    • Start Month: February
    • Category: Career Exploration
    • Selective: No
    • Gender: Coed
    • Housing: Not Available
    • Minimum Cost: Free
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    This unique course teaches the research skills you need to work in any science-driven field, including veterinary medicine. You'll be guided through the process of researching a topic of your choice. By the end of the course, you’ll be writing an annotated bibliography and literature review to support your own research proposal.

    Loop Abroad is proud to offer this unique course to teach the research skills you need to work in any science-driven field, including veterinary medicine. It has never been more important to show a grad school, vet school, or employer that you know how to answer a question by finding and evaluating scientific literature.

    Through this course, you will learn the highly marketable skills required to excel as a scientist whether you’re applying to be a research assistant on campus or preparing to be a veterinarian, field biologist, or any science-driven field that requires research skills.

    We will cover:

    • Reading, analyzing, and synthesizing scientific journal articles.
    • Searching for supporting scientific literature on a research topic.
    • Determining veracity of scientific literature on a research topic.
    • Understanding the elements of a literature review.
    • Citing sources using appropriate citation style for your area of research.
    • Understanding basic research design methods.

    This internship provides you the opportunity to demonstrate your potential in scientific research and writing. At the end of this course, you will:

    • Have at least five articles on file related to their research interest.
    • Complete an annotated bibliography based on your research interest.
    • Complete a research proposal based on their research interest, including a supporting literature review and a research design outline.

    Research Hours:

    All students who successfully complete the course will earn 45 research hours: 15 hours of recorded lectures, 10 hours of live sessions, and 20 hours of independent work on your research topic. University credit is not included in this session.

    Students without previous experience in scientific research or publishing are encouraged to apply. Students may apply from anywhere in the world. You must be fluent in English, participate in all assigned activities, have dependable internet access, and a computer with reliable webcam, microphone, and sound.

    Career Workshops:

    Resume – Small changes to your resume make a big difference when you apply for a job, internship, or vet/grad school. We’ll teach you what makes one resume stand out and the next go in the trash, and we’ll give you personal feedback on your resume.

    Cover letter writing – Master this life skill and you’ll have a better chance at getting the job you want. We’ll teach you how to write the best letter and give you personal feedback on your letter during the workshop.

    Interview practice – Practice your interview skills with experienced interviewers over video call! Does considering this opportunity make you nervous? Then you’re probably someone who will benefit from this kind of practice! We’ll give you tips in advance and debrief afterward so you can improve before the real thing.

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