Gap at CET: Global Virtual Internship

    Gap at CET: Global Virtual Internship


    • Listing Type: Gap Year Programs
    • Destinations: United States, Multiple Locations
    • Program Delivery: Online
    • Credit Awarded: College
    • Program Length: Two Months, Other
    • Start Month: June
    • Category: Career Exploration
    • Selective: Yes
    • Ages: 18, 19+, 19
    • Housing: Not Available
    • Application Deadline: 03/01
    • Minimum Cost: $1,000 - $2,999
    • Call: 800.225.4262
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    Develop valuable professional skills while exploring the international working world and a potential career path. With Gap at CET Global Virtual Internships, you are matched with an organization in Shanghai, Prague, Taipei, Cali, or Amman, and take a course with other CET interns to help you reflect on the experience and prepare for college.

    As a Gap at CET Global Virtual Internship participant, you conduct a part-time (10-15 hours/week) internship that matches your interests, background, and language abilities with the needs of an organization abroad. Each country and placement offer a new workplace culture and unique opportunities to engage with potential career paths.

    You also enroll in an accompanying 3-credit internship course that allows you to do more than add a line on your résumé—you learn to navigate an international workplace with professionalism and maximize your on-the-job contributions. The course helps you identify your academic and professional priorities—all as you prepare for your undergraduate career.

    Your course also gives you the unique opportunity to share and discuss your internship with other Gap at CET interns placed at organizations around the world. You could be interning with a Jordanian non-profit, but your classmates may be placed with a Taiwanese start-up or a Czech think tank.

    Potential internship placements includes:

    • National Association for Family Empowerment (NAFE) in Amman, Jordan
      • NAFE's mission is to empower women and youth by ensuring their inclusion on the economic, social, and political playing fields. They work to ensure that women and girls can be empowered and live on a sustainable income.
    • Manifesto Market in Prague, Czech Republic
      • Tech centered hospitality company based in Prague that is focused on turning the ordinary into the extraordinary!
    • Seatton in Shanghai, China
      • An innovative children's programming platform where children learn how to program with self-learning online courses.
    • The China Post in Taipei, Tawian
      • Founded in 1952, the China Post is a leading English-language newspaper with over 400,000 subscribers in daily circulation.

    By engaging with your classmates, comparing and contrasting your experiences, and learning about each other's placements and host cultures, you make your Gap at CET internship even more international.

    As an optional add-on to the program, CET will also offer hourly, customized, one-on-one language training in Arabic, Czech, or Mandarin. Please inquire for additional details and to express interest in this option.


    "I grow with the organization every day by participating in projects that help me to learn what I wasn't taught in school, and I feel more prepared for the uncertain and competitive future day by day."  - Michael, Summer 2020 CET Virtual Intern

    Cost and Session Information

    Summer 2022: June 6 - August 12

    Program Fee: $1,995*

    Application Deadline: March 1, 2022


    *Optional: For an additional fee of $425, you can opt for an official School of Record transcript.


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