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    The Impact Academy provides online research opportunities and training for high school students. The research is conducted in collaboration with top-ranked universities, connecting educators and students across the globe through world-class experiential education that will shape the next generation of scientists.

    Why Research Programs?

    Solve real problems

    Research experience enables high school students to troubleshoot and interact with real world problems. With the tools and knowledge we provide, you can view the world through different perspectives and analyze data through a more empirical framework.

    Know your academic and career interests

    Engaging in research provides a perfect opportunity for high school students to delve into any field and explore more academic opportunities. It helps identify and narrow down your academic and career interests.

    Standing out from peers

    Every year, the applicant pool for elite universities in the US grows ever more competitive due to an increase in applications from students around the world. Research experience enhances student profiles and leads to greater success in their academic and application endeavors when compared to their peers.

    What Types of Programs are Available?

    We have a wide range of research programs that are available, depending on your interests and goals! Programs like:

    • Social Science
    • Information Science
    • Environment
    • Life Science
    • Biochemical Series
    • Case Studies
    • Create Your Own!

    If you have a true passion, we'll help give you the resources to analyze your data and the time to interact with your personal passion project. We are here to support you through your research journey and ready to help you reach your goals!


    Programs and Details

    Biochemical Crime Scene Investigation

    This course offers scientific, mathematical, and laboratory  experience that integrates the concepts learned in biology, chemistry  and physics to strengthen individual skills in scientific reasoning,  problem-solving, argumentation, data analysis and observation. Students  will initially get a flavor for the history of forensics in the first  week of the course and then subsequently address topics such as the  validity of DNA chemistry, the chemical mechanism of spectroscopy, and  time of death assessments. Students will also be introduced to research  technologies such as DNA sequencing, Hair analysis, Polymerase Chain  Reaction, Fingerprint analysis, and Luminol Spray. 

    Introduction to Bioinformatics 

    Discover and explore bioinformatics in the context of bioengineering, developing a generic understanding about molecular biology, bioinformatics and data analytics tools! Additionally, gain research skills and knowledge concerning Bioinformatics Databases and their applications in current scientific developments related to current events through hands-on experience navigating the NCBI database.

    Introduction to Machine Learning

    Machine learning is the future of big data and industries shifting towards a more customer centric analysis structure. Join our program to gain an understanding of the algorithms and their applications in analyzing data sets with machine learning. By the end of the course, students will have the knowledge and skills required to apply machine learning algorithms and applications in their own programs. This course will also challenge the students with case studies related to real life problems faced by various industries today.

    Eco-Solutions: Smarter-Greenhouses

    Delve into concepts in different greenhouse specific environmental topics ranging from ecology to plant science, soil science to environmental control systems. See what's under the hood in a greenhouse through our partnership with Trella, a world-class, urban forestry company,  where they take you through their facility to create a virtual lab and resource toolbox for each student. ‘

    Stage 3: Environment Science Series

    Over the course of 4 weeks, students will engage with their research interests through two sessions,  Research Proposal Drafting and On-going Research Consultation.  The Research Proposal Drafting session is a four-week training program to assist students on developing their own research through literature review, discussion, and writing. By the end of the session, students will write up a research proposal to guide them in starting their own research in the next step. The following session, On-going Research Consultation, will be a paid consultation service for students that want more specialized assistance from a specific Ph.D./professor to move their research forward. 

    The price includes one-on-one four-week Research Proposal Drafting session and 3 hours one-on-one On-going Research Consultation.

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