LeapLearner: Javascript


    • Listing Type: After School Enrichment
    • Entering Grade: Below 6th, 6th, 7th, 8th
    • Program Delivery: Day, Online
    • Session Length: Two Months
    • Category: STEM
    • Sub-Categories: STEM, Game Design, Coding
    • Minimum Cost: < $500
    • Gender: Coed
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    Your kids will learn the basics of writing code. Build object-oriented computer games and animations. Javascript is one of the most popular coding languages today. It is the basis of many other coding languages such as React, Angular, Node.JS, Vue.JS and many more. The LeapLearner Platform will allow your kids to learn Javascript swiftly by teaching BASIC Programmers how to Code Through building computer games using a hands-on Project-Based Curriculum. 

    In the first module, they get to write and debug simple code. In the next modules, they are taught even more advanced tools and foundations to solve JavaScript challenges. By the end of every session, your kids will have built an interactive and cool product! Appropriate for 8-13 year old students. Sessions are 8 weeks. Beginner levels will have 1 weekly hour of class and 1 weekly hour of optional review sessions.

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