Confidence & Connections: Workshop for Teens

    Confidence & Connections: Workshop for Teens

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    • Listing Type: After-School Enrichment
    • Entering Grade: 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th
    • Program Delivery: Online
    • Session Start: August, September, October, November
    • Session Length: Semester
    • Category: Mental Health & Well-Being
    • Sub-Categories: Communications, Gifted, Learning Differences, Psychology, Stress Reduction, Mental/Behavioral Health
    • Minimum Cost: < $500
    • Gender: Coed
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    Inter-Acting works to build confidence through connections. Our workshops were created by a psychotherapist and lead by MTVs Ryan Kelley. Our 50 min virtual workshops help teens build social connections, strengthen their communication skills, interact meaningfully with peers and reduce general and/or social anxiety. Teens need a space to develop their social confidence and feel successful with their interactions.

    Experiential learning — PRACTICE AND PREPARATION — is key to their success Teen anxiety is real... but it doesn't have to be a barrier to meaningful connections! MTV's Ryan Kelley gets participants engaged through quirky discussion prompts, cooperative exercises, and lots of humor. There is a “theme” for every session, i.e., “how to handle rejection,” or “non-verbal communication,” but the program is designed to be adaptive and dynamic, and we don’t stick to a script. At Inter-Acting, we help middle and high school students who are struggling with general and social anxiety build the skills they need to feel confident in everyday life. Together we work through “real-life” scenarios, and we do it in a fun and engaging way that supports their progress.

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      Reviewed on 12/06/2022 by amkelley13

      As a parent, I wish I would have known there was something like this sooner!
      Parents realize how different their kids' personalities are. This makes it extremely difficult at times when trying to figure out how to parent those differences. It also makes it heartbreaking when you see one of the kids struggle with social interaction while it is so easy for their siblings. This class was an unbelievable experience for my high schooler. My child was able to learn and communicate with other kids from around the country that may be experiencing some of the same things. Discovering they are not alone! It has been very rewarding to have my child reciting the things they had learned in class and to see them wanting to learn more about those topics. Even while having "conversations" with siblings, my child has brought up what they had learned in class and then explained what it meant. I believe the most positive aspect of this experience for my child has been EXCITEMENT! To see them excited about their own future success and wanting to utilize what they've learned to get ahead is something every parent should feel.

      Thank you again for everything!!