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    United States Naval Academy: History (HHS)

    United States Naval Academy: History (HHS)


    • Listing Type: Colleges & Universities
    • Top Majors: Languages and Literature, Military Science, Philosophy and Religion, Liberal Arts, Art History
    • Degrees Awarded: 4 Year
    • Type: Public
    • Country: United States
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    Majoring in History at the U.S Naval Academy can provide you with a sophisticated, accurate and holistic view of the world. Majoring in History is extremely useful for leading and workin within the U.S Military. What will I learn majoring in History at the U.S Naval Academy?

    History explains how everything in the world came to be the way it is. It examines the experiences of the past in order to explain the present and the future. History is therefore not a narrow discipline but an all-encompassing capstone discipline, the knowledge of which is essential to every professional field and to success in command, citizenship, and government.

    History is an inductive discipline that prioritizes evidence and fact over what merely seems plausible from theory, logic, or common sense. In order to explain the world around us historians seek, weigh, and synthesize all relevant evidence, perspectives, and methodologies, using tools from many disciplines to devise the best possible explanations.

    Is a History major at the U.S Naval Academy useful in the field of the United States Military?

    Yes! Majoring in History provides a greater understanding of the world. As an all-encompassing, evidence-driven, reality focused discipline, history is excellent preparation for junior officers. The reward is a much more accurate understanding of the world and the skills and tools needed to communicate successfully.

    Am I able to study a specific region if I major in History at the U.S Naval Academy?

    Yes! Provided you complete the required courses, set in place to ensure breadth and region distribution. Most students choose to focus on specific regions and cultures and the U.S Naval academy provides utmost flexibility for those who would like to do so while also protecting the integrity of the major.