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    United States Naval Academy: Chemistry

    United States Naval Academy: Chemistry


    • Listing Type: Colleges & Universities
    • Top Majors: Biological Sciences, Military Science
    • Degrees Awarded: 4 Year
    • Type: Public
    • Campus Setting: Urban
    • Testing Requirements: ACT, SAT
    • Gender: Coed
    • Country: United States
    • Delivery: Residential
    • CEEB: 5809
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    The United States Naval Academy offers students the chance to study the major of Chemistry. Often called the "Central Science", midshipmen will have the chance to study structure and properties of matter on an atomic and molecular level.

    Those who major and graduate with a degree in Chemistry will earn a bachelor of science degree certified by the American Chemical Society. Chemistry majors will take courses in organic, inorganic, analytical, physical, and biochemistry.

    Midshipmen may also take advanced courses in each subject, such as environmental chemistry and medicinal chemistry.

    What unique opportunities do chemistry majors get?

    Midshipmen will have the chance to execute a capstone or research project and investigate topics of personal interests under the direction of a faculty member. Many chemistry majors travel to present the results of their work in regional or national meetings. Midshipmen can participate in medical or other internships, become Trident scholars, and more.

    Faculty in the chemistry department have unique academic backgrounds as well as practical applications of chemistry in the Navy and Marine Corps. Those that major in Chemistry have the academic basis needed to go on to graduate fields in medicine, oceanography, and more.

    Do I have what it takes to major in Chemistry at the United States Naval Academy?

    Students who major in chemistry at the U.S. Naval Academy can expect a significant amount of laboratory and hands-on work. Midshipmen are expected to have a solid foundation in mathematics and a passion for learning.

    Chemistry is a collaborative and independent science, so midshipmen are expected to have self-discipline and teamwork skills. To find out more on how to qualify for the U.S. Naval Academy and the steps needed to major in Chemistry, check out the website.