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    Army ROTC 8th BDE

    Army ROTC 8th BDE


    • Listing Type: Colleges & Universities
    • Top Majors: Military Science, Protective Services, STEM
    • Degrees Awarded: Other
    • Type: Public
    • Financial Aid: Grants/Scholarships, Other
    • Country: United States
    • Delivery: Day
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    U.S. Army ROTC 8th BDE is a military branch in the United States. Choose to enter the Army as an enlisted Soldier or as an Officer , serve as a full-time active duty Soldier, or as a member of the Army Reserve.

    8th Brigade

    Cadet Command's 8th Brigade, headquartered at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington, is responsible for Army ROTC programs in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, California, Nevada, Alaska, Hawaii, and Guam.

    Commander: (253) 967-4976

    Admin: (253) 967-4976

    Recruiting: (253) 967-9860

    Mission: USACC partners with universities to recruit, educate, develop, and inspire SROTC Cadets in order to commission officers of character for the Total Army; and partners with high schools to conduct JROTC in order to develop citizens of character for a lifetime of commitment and service to our Nation.

    Vision: We are an innovative, effective organization manned by specially selected and qualified professional Cadre, Staff and Faculty fully prepared to educate and train the most diverse and talented Cadets from across the Nation to become better Citizens, adaptive leaders, lifetime learners, and agile thinkers and problem solvers who are committed to the Army Ethos and Profession of Arms.

    Sponsorship: One of the most important pre-move actions you can take is to request a sponsor. If you haven't already done so, please complete Sponsorship Program form (DA Form 5434 PureEdge). A sponsor will contact you by e-mail or letter with information about your new unit. If you have additional questions please contact the USACC Soldier and Family Programs office at 502-624-6238.