This comprehensive overland Pure Exploration program is for people looking to gain experience traveling internationally to developing countries, learning about managing groups, travel logistics & trekking in some of the world’s most famous, spectacular, mountainous, and remote regions. 

Module 1: How to travel internationally with a group - Budgets, logistics, local operators, safety & core skills
Module 2: Putting it into practice - Team trekking, community & service projects abroad, gaining confidence
Module 3: Up we go - Time to test your expedition skills in the legendary Himalayas!


We created this program as an immersive learning experience, for those looking to gain confidence and experience as an international traveller. Whether you are looking to get into the adventure travel industry, or simply become a rounded global traveller yourself, this program provides the key skills to help you:

* Be able to assess future travel destinations for risk and for suitability to your needs
* Make important decisions on arrival to navigate developing world or foreign language situations
* Have practical first aid skills to help save lives in remote locations
* To be confident to trek in remote destinations in varying conditions such as weather, jungle, altitude

The itinerary was chosen specifically to complement each stage of the training. As the level of skill required increases, the destinations chosen will similarly become more challenging; with language barriers, logistic challenges or poor infrastructure. 

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Participant Reviews

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