Travel the world & volunteer for less:

By choosing our Round the World on a Budget package & combine fantastic volunteering opportunities, diverse destinations & cultures in Africa, Asia and Latin America to make the most of your gap year. 

Program Location and Activities:

Volunteer in Ghana, Nepal and Bolivia and gain an incredible cross cultural insight.  Kickstart your gap year by volunteering on our fantastic children's centre or sport's coaching projects in the Bolivian Andes.

By volunteering on these rewarding projects you will be able to support the development of local children from underprivileged backgrounds, develop their self-esteem and improve their general well-being or help develop sports skills as well as integrating girls into sport. 

Community Service:

This is a brilliant opportunity to encourage gender equality and play by sharing your passion and knowledge for children who need a little extra care. 

Volunteers can really help make a difference on our mobile literacy project which is a great way to generate interest in reading and learning, as well as providing access to materials in areas where none is available.

By volunteering you can be sure that you are contributing the betterment of these children’s futures. Alternatively participate on agriculture for education programme and support the education of adults and children by assisting with the planting and growing of crops to feed a school and generate an income.

Relief & Construction:

On your last stop around the world help contribute to the relief and construction effort in Nepal, after the earthquakes that caused so much damage in 2015.  By volunteering you will support local community development which focuses on women who do not have a place in society.  You can choose to focus on an agriculture initiative or help on our teaching project by working with the children and local teachers. Whatever combination projects you choose you will have the opportunity to experience an eclectic mix of destinations, cultures and and invaluable volunteering experiences on your round the world gap year.

Cost and Session Information


12 weeks, 4 weeks on each


£4570 / $7134 for 12 weeks


age 18+


La Paz – Bolivia, Accra – Ghana, Rural Nepal.

Project activities:

Depending on your projects choice may include preparing activities & lessons, leading tours, road building, tree planting. running workshops, running a mobile library.

Working hours:

Hours vary but Monday – Friday in all locations, some Saturdays in Ghana.

Project availability:

Projects available all year round except school holidays, Christmas.

Arrival days:

Saturday for all projects

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