Kaya Gap Year: Environmental Conservation in Latin America

Latin America, Caribbean


Informally known as the forgotten continent use your gap year to explore some of the world’s most unchartered rain-forests and coastlines in Latin America on our environmental conservation gap year programme. 

You will first travel to Costa Rica to volunteer on our sea turtle conservation project, which are an endangered species due to poaching, introduced and natural predators. This project aims specifically to protect female turtles, their nests and eggs to ensure the survival of the species. Volunteers can actively contribute to their conservation by undertaking a number of activities on this project including nest patrols and releasing hatchlings into the sea. Volunteers may assist in the collection of scientific data into turtle behaviour to aid conservationists improve techniques that will protect the species in the future.

For your next destination you’ll be heading into the heart of the Ecuadorian rainforest to take part on our agro forestry and environmental conservation project in the Mindo Cloud Forest. Human activities as well as global warming have ruined large chunks of Ecuador’s rainforest. This project aims to achieve sustainability through agriculture and eco-tourism and focuses on maintenance and restoration of natural ecosystems.

Finally you will be heading for the world renowned UNESCO world heritage site Manu Biosphere Reserve in Peru to participate on a biodiversity monitoring initiative. This project is truly sustainable, and it simultaneously works to protect and monitor the natural world whilst working with local communities on environmental education and environmental issues facing local people. It is the perfect way of examining the human impact on the environment and to look for sustainable environmental solutions whilst being surrounded by spectacular natural beauty and local culture. This diverse gap year programme really offers you a great insight into the challenges and solutions facing wildlife today.

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