Grab the opportunity during your gap year travels and spend some of your time volunteering on a range of fascinating community projects in India, Thailand and the Philippines. 

Begin your gap year:

By integrating a small rural farm community near the Himalayans, where you will be able to experience living on a farm and helping vulnerable women sustain themselves and their children as they have been rejected by their own families after suffering some abuse. Trekk around the area and make sure to experience the hustle and bustle of Kathmandu during your weekend off. 

Next head to Thailand:

To volunteer on our grassroots community and conservation initiative based in rural Chiang Mai. The project aims to support the local government in developing basic healthcare provision, education, a community-based agroforestry project in order to ultimately reduce poverty of the members of the community including ethnic Thais, Hmong, Lahu Lisu and Karen peoples. Volunteers can really make an impact by sharing their skills or by lending a hand to aid development of community services in this culturally and geographically rich Thai province.

Finally, head to India for the experience of a lifetime:

To volunteer and travel around the country for 3 weeks. After landing in Delhi, you will get the chance to visit the world’s famous Taj Mahal before heading to Jaipur where you will participate in community volunteering. You will then go to Pushkar for a camel safari and continue on to go and relax on the beautiful beaches of Goa before returning home. Whatever your interest, you are sure to gain an amazing insight into different cultures in Asia and the community initiatives taking place to support them.

What skills do I need to be a Community Volunteer in Asia?

Volunteers with all levels of experience are welcome to join us on these projects. Specific skills the projects are looking for:

Nepal:  volunteers should have a positive attitude, be willing to help and be fairly fit.

Thailand: an ability to be flexible and help where the project needs it, teamwork and people skills are required.

India: teachers, childcare workers and volunteers with experience of special needs support are highly sought after, however, no skills or experience are required.

All volunteers are asked to submit a copy of their CV/Resume.

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