Kaya Gap Year: Asia Pacific Experience

Asia, Australia


The most popular type of gap year in the UK is flying directly to Bangkok, doing the Golden triangle and finishing off in Australia. Volunteers can recreate this with an additional stop in Indonesia for a truly unforgettable gap year experience with the Kaya Gap Year: Asia Pacific Experience. 

In the Kaya Gap Year: Asia Pacific Experience, arrive in Bangkok, a traditional gap year favourite and propel yourself headfirst through the city’s bustling streets and attend orientation before heading down to the beautiful Thai island of Koh Tao. This marine conservation and community programme aims to provide sustainable marine conservation by restoring damaged ecosystems. It also works with schools teaching children how to drive in order to stimulate an interest in preserving the marine environment and equipping them with a skill for employment in the future. Koh Tao’s marine ecosystem desperately needs volunteers to foster its restoration and this project is an excellent way of contributing to that change whilst obtaining your SSI diving certification and learning a new skill which will stay with you for life.

After heading back to dry land fly to your next destination, Indonesia, to volunteer in our much loved wildlife rescue centre. The island where the project is based, Sulawesi, is on important route for illegally trafficking wildlife to Asia. This project aims to prevent this and acts as a rehabilitation centre for rescued animals with the eventual aim of releasing them back into the wild. The centre houses a vast number of species including orang utans, sun bears, monkeys, crocodiles, birds and other animals. With over 200 animals and birds this projects needs volunteers to ensure that these animals who have already suffered injury/capture are cared for so that they can eventually be released into the wild where they belong.

After you have said your goodbyes to the cute critters in Indonesia it’s time to arrive in your final destination, the land down under, Australia, to begin commence your environmental conservation project. This project encourages volunteers to get their hands dirty to protect, preserve and restore Australia’s natural beauty and unique flora and fauna from the effects of climate climate. Volunteers can choose from 7 locations to complete their placement: the Northern Territory, Queensland, Victoria, New South Wales, Tasmania Western and Southern Australia each of which offers unparalleled opportunities to help preserve some of the most extreme and extraordinary landscapes on earth. By getting stuck in volunteers can really make a difference and enjoy the great outdoors, Australia’s natural wonder and being part of communal life, which this project provides.

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