Kaya Gap Year: African Conservation and Community Volunteering



The Kaya Gap Year: African Conservation and Community Volunteering gap year package is a fantastic way of combining both conservation wildlife volunteering and community volunteering in three of the most incredible destinations within Africa. 

Embark on your gap year by heading to South Africa volunteer on 3 amazing projects; the Big 5 in South Africa, the battle for water in Namibia between elephants and humans and finally a community project in Zambia.

Start your gap year volunteering with Africa's Big 5: lion, African elephant, cape buffalo, rhino and leopard. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to observe these magnificent creatures in their natural environment on a world renowned game reserve that even boasts a predator educational and rehabilitation centre, and elephant and reptile sanctuaries. Volunteers will have an amazing African wildlife experience by assisting with the daily upkeep of the reserve, which ensures a quality of care for the animals on the reserve. They may also help in collecting data on the reserve that will be used in informing future conservation strategies and the protection of African wildlife. A truly incredible way to begin your gap year travels.

Next fly west to the former German colony, Windhoek in Namibia and explore the capital before starting your placement on this fantastic sustainable initiative that focuses on elephant and community conservation Elephants can be very destructive and cause immeasurable damage to local water supplies and as a result the legal hunting of elephants is common. Volunteers can contribute to finding a solution to the water crisis by simultaneously building structures to help to prevent elephants from destroying community water sources as well as assisting with the collection of vital field data so that man and elephant can live in harmony once more. This is an incredible opportunity experience for those who want to live a bit more simply, brush up on their bush skills in Namibia’s drastic desert environment and go on a unique camping adventure.

After an unforgettable experience in the Namibian desert it’s time to head to Zambia. Volunteers can choose between a range of projects such as working with an NGO on reforestation and environmental education or even sports development and community work. Reforestation is a huge problem in Zambia and community involvement is an essential aspect of tackling the problems of logging, charcoal fires and general lack of awareness of the impact on the land clearance. A lack of locally trained teachers means that physical education is often neglected, and this is much needed to contribute towards team building, physical and social development. The projects in Zambia enable you to have a more complete experience in Africa as you will have discovered challenges not only facing local communities but also its amazing wildlife.

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