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Every InternBoston internship program integrates a career-readiness curriculum with relevant work experience. Our interns can expect the following:

 - customized internship 

 -  one-on-one coaching 

 - 60+ internship hours

 - comprehensive career-readiness curriculum 

Our Program

GapYear60™ Internship Program

60 hours. Fifteen (15) hours per week over four consecutive weeks during the gap year


To apply to our Summer60 program, students must meet the following criteria:

Have successfully completed at least 2 years of high school Have reliable transportation (personal vehicle or public transit) Present themselves in a professional manner in accordance with workplace policies and expectations.

Internship Coach Assignment & Role

Once an application has been accepted, each student is assigned a personal Internship Coach, who will provide 1-on-1 guidance throughout the placement and internship process.  The Internship Coach will do the following:

 - Meet with and screen the student for interest, maturity, and motivation as well as to discuss internship goals and explain the internship program and requirements

 - Find an optimal internship placement for the student

 - Collaborate with host organizations to develop individualized Work Plans for student interns 

 - Advise and coach students through the entire internship process

 -  Monitor student career-readiness assignments and projects

 - Arrange an in-person or virtual site visit with the student and the host organization

Curriculum - Before The Internship

All InternBoston interns are required to complete our career-readiness curriculum. During the time the Internship Coach is screening a student and securing a placement, students will actively prepare for their internship by completing their first 6 assignments. These will include the following:

Assignment 1: Create an InternBoston Resume:  All students will create an InternBoston resume. Samples and detailed instructional guides are provided to the student to assist them in preparing and/or revising their resumes.

Assignment 2: Improve Your Social Media Presence: It is important that students establish a professional online presence and will view our presentation Why it's Time to Rethink Your Social Media and update their social media profiles. 

Assignment 3: Set Up a Linkedin Profile: Students will view a LinkedIn tutorial and establish or update their LinkedIn profile. 

Assignment 4: Prepare for Your Internship Interview :  (Part 1)  All students will have an internship interview with the host organization. In this part of the assignment, students will complete Sections 1 and 2 of Preparing for Your Internship Interview workbook, which includes most commonly asked internship interview questions guidelines for answering those questions. (Part 2) Students will prepare by reading What to Wear - Professional Attire for Interns. 

Assignment 5: Final Preparation for Your Internship Interview: After students are invited to interview with the host organization, they will complete Section 3 of Preparing for Your Internship Interview workbook and practice their skills in a mock interview with their Internship Coach.

Assignment 6: Orientation: How to Be a Successful Intern: Students will view this online orientation prior to starting their internship. 

Placement & Interview With Host Organization

Once a match is determined, the Internship Coach will provide information and instructions to the student to arrange an interview with a representative from the sponsoring organization. Students are required to directly contact and arrange an interview with a representative.

The student's Internship Coach will provide the student with information and instructions to arrange an in-person, virtual, or telephone interview with the host organization. Once a student is asked to be an intern with the host organization, a work plan and schedule will be finalized. 

Curriculum - During The Internship

During the internship, students are required to complete several assignments. 

Assignment 7: Complete 4 Journals: Part of an experiential learning experience is reflective observation. Students will complete and submit reflective Journals weekly (or every 15 internship hours) during the internship.  Journal assignments prompt students to articulate what they have learned while helping them to connect their experiences with their academic knowledge and skills. 

Assignment 8: Complete an Internship Project: One (1) short project that pertains to their internship. The following are examples of internship projects: Short, written interview with a person from the sponsoring organization, newspaper article or newsletter, PowerPoint presentation

Assignment 9: Prepare an Elevator Pitch: Students will use our Creating an Elevator Pitch guide to help them craft a personal elevator pitch to be used in a variety of situations.

Assignment 10: Write and Ask for a Letter of Recommendation: Students are instructed how to both ask for and draft their own letter of recommendation. 

After The Internship

Once all assignments are completed, InternBoston will provide each student with the following:

 - An updated, professional resume reflecting work from the internship

 - Mentor letter of recommendation

 - Certificate of Completion

 - High school or college credit (when applicable) 


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