Explore the American West and Patagonia through wilderness adventure and hands-on conservation work with the High Mountain Institute.

Our wilderness and conservation semester is the opportunity to explore some of the wildest regions of the world by foot while participating in meaningful service projects to restore and protect these unique landscapes. The wilderness curriculum prepares students to comfortably live and travel for extended periods of time in back-country settings, both domestically and internationally, navigate in diverse terrain, and evaluate and manage the hazards inherent to the outdoors. The environmental studies curriculum emphasizes experiential and field-based activities and service, whereby students explore the complex cultural, environmental, and ecological issues in the areas that they visit.

  • Hike through Colorado’s highest peaks, the canyons of Utah, and awe-inspiring glacial valleys in Patagonia.
  • Learn to comfortably live and travel in the wilderness and international destinations for extended periods of time.
  • Investigate pressing conservation issues while working with service partners to protect and restore these wild places.
  • Plan and execute a student-led expedition in the mountains of central Patagonia.
  • Become part of an incredible community dedicated to personal growth, outdoor exploration, and adventure.

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Dates: September 19 - December 7, 2018

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